Emotional Mess – Level Design for Electronic Super Joy


Electronic Super Joy – Emotional Mess Design Analysis

I got to design a level for Electronic Super Joy, and after HOURS trying to unlock it (the main game is super challenging!  Many props to Michael Todd Games for making a KILLER platformer!) I finally got to see the polished version in game.  Here’s a video walkthrough of me talking about the different elements of the level.

Coles Notes:

  • The level starts on 3 bouncy bells, rather than a safe platform.  I big focus for this level was to keep the player in motion at all times, and starting them off in an unsafe position really gets the players attention and jumpy.  There’s no real consequence for death in ESJ, so the player is encouraged to try things a few times to come up with a plan and try to get through as quickly as possible (hence the constantly scrolling camera).
  • This level has a completely new mechanic not seen in the main game:  Sticky Floors.  These severely limit the player’s walking speed, so players need jump a lot and be cautious of where they land.  This is introduced to the player in a section where they are dropped into a corridor and immediately have to out run ninja stars from behind.  Once they get how this mechanic works, I throw it at them with new obstacles, such as missiles that cannot be destroyed, sticky walls, and various enemy types, culminating in a combination of all elements at once.
  • The music in this game is not done by me BUT I WISH IT WAS.  ITS SO GOOD.

Check out Electronic Super Joy on Steam!

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